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About us

From Starpra-Cosmetics to Sunnytan
2012, Starpra-Cosmetics was founded with the agenda to offer a product that is better than others and suitable for special distribution in the cosmetic market. To dissociate from products in the fitness branch and opening a new market, European trademarks has been obtained. Since this time, Melanotan is being offered for skin lotions as active ingredient. At the same time, work has been done on the products structural formula to achieve better tanning results and create a completely new follower product.

Based on company internals, a winter break has been taken in 2017. During the break, our support team extended and changes on managing level have been realized. For special distribution, Starpra has been overtaken by Sunnytan to follow up newly in 2018.

We try, by heart, to give any human being the possibility to make the best out of his life by meeting the wish of our customers to be summerfully tanned. This vision brought different people together who try constantly hard to improve of our products and services. We would like you to be satisfied with our customer support, therefore we value your feedback.

Blessed are feedback and help which keeps our company alive and help us to improve our product and services.